Introducing Health Path – an immersive medical examination like no other. Health Path is a deep-dive into your own unique health, an investigation which is at once:







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What it is

Brought to you by Centric Specialist Care, Health Path is a thorough, holistic clinical assessment, integrating the very latest longevity research with cutting-edge medical expertise and behavioural insights.

Health Path can identify potential concerns even decades before they become actual issues, putting you in control of your wellness now, while providing expert guidance on your journey to a future of good health.

What we do

Using pioneering assessment methods, your Health Path specialist medical team will investigate your health and wellbeing thoroughly, right down to cellular level, where the day-to-day functioning of the mitochondria – the powerhouse of each cell – is a key driver of individual health. Here then is where we can identify future issues even decades before a diagnosis.

Using state of the art laboratory testing such as advanced lipid and insulin profiling, we detect risk factors and potential disease, like cardiovascular and metabolic health problems, as early as scientifically possible.

Your Health Path assessment also includes:

  • Physical health
  • Hereditary risks
  • Metabolic efficiency
  • Cardiometabolic health
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Psychological wellbeing

Based on your risks and personal preferences, we then leverage the best in clinical expertise, research, and technology to help you target areas of concern. We help manage existing conditions by identifying and improving the underlying causes.

With your input, our expert team creates a detailed roadmap to optimise your wellness, delivering incomparable control over your future health.

Following your Health Path assessment, if required, our doctors can arrange additional precision diagnostics in areas including:

  • Cardiac health
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Gut Health
  • Advanced cholesterol testing
  • Cancer biomarkers
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What to expect

Your Health Path assessment begins with a thorough questionnaire, completed online in your own time, prior to attending your appointment. This helps our clinicians understand areas such as your medical and family history, sleep, exercise and activity levels.

We build on this foundation during your nurse assessment, where we will discuss the motivations which impact your health related choices. This appointment also includes biometric and extensive blood testing to develop a total picture of your current health and wellbeing as you start your journey.

At subsequent specialist doctor consultation the following week, we will discuss your analysed results which will indicate your long-term health probabilities. Your doctor will then target areas that can be optimised, and the team will devise your ideal plan going forward.  Should you wish to enrol for 4 months of clinical support and follow up assessment, please let your doctor know.

What happens next?

Our dedicated team of health and wellbeing professionals will navigate the following pillars of high performance health to facilitate your best achievable results, with a unique plan tailor made for you. Should you choose, the team can continue with you along that journey, advising and supporting you in making the best choices to live a good life – your very best life.

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Our focus - The Pillars of High Performance Health


Exercise remains the most powerful tool available to improve your metabolic health, ensuring you are higher functioning today and tomorrow, after retirement, travelling, playing with grandchildren, and helping avoid the later-life falls and fractures which rob so many of their independence. We focus on:

  • Stability: how solid is your core?
  • Strength: how readily can your body tolerate loading?
  • Mitochondrial health (endurance/aerobic capacity): how far can your engine go?
  • High intensity/anaerobic health: how big is your engine?


Sleep is key for mental health, cardiovascular health, immunity, inflammatory regulation, brain recovery, and memory retention, amongst others, yet many people struggle with chronic low-level sleep deprivation.
Our team will explore your sleep hygiene and patterns. If necessary, we will monitor your sleep to instigate changes for improving your sleep health.


Our dietary planning and support focuses on the completeness of your nutritional profile. We may also employ digital tools such as continuous glucose monitoring for further insight into your diet, and how nutrition choices influence your daily metabolic health.
We will specifically help you manipulate the three levers of your daily diet, namely:

  • Type: content of diet, including restricting carbohydrates or sugar, or certain types of fats
  • Time: timing of dietary intake, through time restriction or periods of fasting
  • Quantity: managing the calorie intake of your diet.


Yes, supplements can have a role in optimising health and wellbeing. Our team follows the most up-to-date, evidence-based research to provide you with the best guidance possible.
Some supplements offer broad positive benefits, while certain people have very specific requirements based on physiology, dietary choices, activity levels and so forth.
Should you prefer to maximise your nutritional needs through diet alone, we will of course support your choice either way.


Stress Tolerance

Mental stress can drive damaging physiologic processes, and indirectly cause unhealthy behaviours. Equally, sometimes stress encourages us to grow and prosper.

Our mental and behavioural health team can help you to recognise when a situation has become untenable, enabling you to choose a response that leads to growth rather than damage.


Medication may have a role in the management of your future health. If so, our team of specialist physicians will clarify your options, alternatives, possible side effects, and expected outcomes. This may require discussion with your own personal doctors.

Which Programme is right for me?

Health Path - Foundation Health Assessment

For you, if you want to improve the most important aspects of your health into the future.

  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Detailed health-optimisation plan

€550 - Book Now

Health Path - Activator Programme

For you if you want to take control of your health, particularly targeting cardiac, vascular, metabolic, and brain health.

  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Detailed health-optimisation plan
  • 16 week support from our specialist team
  • Repeat risk profiling
  • Revised, improved plan

€975 - Book Now


What's in the programme?

  Foundation Assessment Activator Programme
Detailed medical and family history For you if you want to improve the most important aspects of your health into the future. For you if you want to take control of your health, particularly to target cardiac, vascular, metabolic, and brain health.
Hereditary risk assessment
Behavioural health assessment
Nurse assessment
Extensive Blood Testing and Metabolic Profiling
Blood Pressure & Biometric testing
Specialist medical interpretation of results
Doctor consultation and review
Your optimal wellbeing path reviewed and agreed
24 hr Blood Pressure Monitoring (if required)  
Team of allied professionals to support your journey  
4 months of on-going clinical support  
Follow-up assessment and repeat blood testing  




  Book Foundation Book Activator


Book Foundation or Activator or phone us on (01) 2993555 for more information.