"Heart Care at Home" is a remote monitoring service provided free of charge to Centric Health patients living with Heart Failure.

What is Heart Failure?

The term heart failure* is used to describe a heart which is not working as well as it should. This can sound quite frightening but it is important to understand that your heart is not about to stop. It can certainly cause a build-up of fluid in the lungs (lung congestion) causing breathlessness or leg swelling but these symptoms can improve with suitable treatment allowing you to live well with heart failure. *Reference: The Irish Heart Foundation

What is Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote Patient monitoring is the use of technology to monitor patients symptoms outside of clinical locations, for example, from home. This is a very useful service at the moment, with so many of our patients cocooning and social distancing.

How does it work?

This remote monitoring service can be used free of charge from the comfort of your own home. Using an app downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet, you send regular updates on your condition - things like blood pressure, heart rate and weight, straight to our Central Nurse Team*.

This clinical team is trained to assess the information you have sent us and will telephone or video consult with you to manage symptom changes.  It works in conjunction with your GP and practice team and it is not a replacement for your GP or Cardiology service but an extra layer of care provided free to you.

Our nurse team will keep your GP practice regularly informed on any changes to your condition and their interactions with you or if your condition has deteriorated and/or a follow up appointment is recommended etc.

Why should I do this?

The aim of this programme is to reduce your admissions to hospital and visits to the Emergency Department
while improving your quality of life and giving you the confidence and education to manage your condition
safely with the support of our team.  Use of remote monitoring provides your healthcare team with much more regular healthcare data on you. The more often we can study changes in your blood pressure and other symptoms, the better informed we are to look after your condition. 

Most importantly, you should feel better over time if you are using this service because we can tweak your medication more accurately and more regularly.

Why is this Free of Charge?

We are providing Heartcare at Home free of charge to anyone in Ireland living with Heart failure because we are researching the benefits and outcomes of home monitoring, the impact and outcomes on patients, the health service and the community. By participating in the HeartCare at Home programme you will be contributing to a growing understanding and knowledge of the impact and potential of remote healthcare. Our research programme aims to prove that home monitoring has an impact on patients’ lives, reduces GP attendances and admissions to hospitals. All patient data is pseudonymised for research purposes.

How to Sign Up

Patients diagnosed with Heart Failure can sign up for free by calling their GP or by phoning the Heartcare at Home team on 01-2993546, email us heartcare@centrichealth.ie  or visit https://heartcareathome.ie/

Your GP will be kept informed to ensure we offer a holistic approach to your healthcare.

Useful Links

Irish Heart Foundation: irishheart.ie
Croi Heart and Stroke Charity: croi.ie