Sexual Health

Patients who have become sexually active can now avail of a range of Sexual Health services at Centric Specialist Care. This service is not limited to infections, we rather look at the holistic approach to your sexual well-being. No GP referral is required to book an appointment.


We are a team of specialised and experienced clinicians working within recognised protocols to offer you a professional, confidential and understanding experience.

Services Available

  • Asymptomatic sexual health screening

  • Symptomatic sexual health investigation and treatment

  • PREP Clinic - Coming soon...

  • Vaccination Clinic

  • Treatment of genital warts and other lesions

  • Sexual Health advice

Sexual Health screening

  • During your consultation the doctor or nurse will discuss your concerns and history with you.

  • An examination and blood tests will be offered as required.

  • An STI screen will include, but not limited to, tests for Chlamydia, Gonnorhoea, Trichomonas, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphillis.

  • You will not be required to fast but may need to provide a urine sample.

  • We will provide treatment as required – prescriptions, cryotherapy or streamlined referrals to our affiliated services.

PREP Clinic - Coming Soon

  • We offer a thorough service in our PREP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) clinic.

  • An initial consultation including history, health advise and full STI screen.

  • 3 Monthly prescriptions which will require review, blood test and STI screening each time.

  • Easy access to results

Vaccination Clinic

We offer an onsite vaccination service for the following:
1. Hepatitis B Vaccination
2. Hepatitis A Vaccination
3. HPV (Gardasil) Vaccination


  • Cryotherapy is the use of liquid nitrogen in the treatment of genital warts and other lesions.

  • This may require a course of treatments on a weekly basis.

  • Home treatments are also available and options will be discussed at your initial consultation.


  • Initial Consultation - 100 Euro

  • Consultation including Sexual health screening - 100 Euro

  • Follow up visit - 60 Euro

  • Cryotherapy - 60 Euro per visit